Welcome to the new site

Welcome to our newly established Rosemount Choral Arts Website!  We are thrilled to have a user-friendly website that will meet the demands of our award-winning program!  This website will serve as a valuable method of delivering information regarding the choral program at RHS. The following are some of the cool features that you will find on the site!

  • A calendar of activities will be available on the main page AND under “calendar” on the drop down menu.  In the calendar itself, once you see a targeted date, you can move the cursor over that date and it will provide information.  You are also able to see calendar activities in a list view – again located under “calendar” in the drop down menu.
  • In the left sidebar you will find links to time-sensitive information regarding RHS Choral Arts activities and events.
  • Under "curricular" and "co-curricular" you will notice that each choir has their own page.  This page will include information pertaining to that specific choir, the syllabus of the choir and a choir resource page. The resource page will only be available to members of that choir – password protected – for the communication of sensitive material.
  • Important items and documents will be located under the “resources” link in the menu. This will include everything from private voice lesson information and forms to a link to volunteer for choral activities and events.  A list of sites pertaining to choral music and RHS Choral Arts will also be featured.
  • Of course, any news item ranging from call times for concert nights, fundraising information, events and concerts of choirs, etc., will be featured on the main page and then under the “news” drop down.
  • You will also find links to our Facebook page and Twitter feed for even more modes of communication.

Special thanks goes to Katryn Conlin of Dakota Street Design for helping us prepare and launch this site for the 2014 – 2015 academic year.  Hope you enjoy!