Tips and Tricks

First of all, open two browsers - like Firefox and Chrome when you're working. Don't log in to the second browser as a user - just use it to view how the site appears to the public. Work in one browser, and use the other one to check your work. It is much faster than using the "view page" feature to see what the page looks like.

Headline styles: Here are what your basic headlines look like:

Headline 1

Headline 2

Headline 3

Body copy

The headline has to be separated from the paragraph with a hard return. If it is not, the styling of the the paragraph will be affected by the type style of the headline. To make a hard return, press return. To make a soft return, press shift + return.

One reason to use soft returns is to keep items close together, because a new paragraph automatically adds space between paragraphs. 

To insert an image, mouse just over and to the left of the location and an insert point will pop up where you can upload the image. To make type flow around it, drag it over the body copy until a gray box appears, then release. There are handles on the side and bottom for resizing it. 

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