Private Voice Lessons

Tuition-Based Private Voice Lessons

Rosemount High School choir students have the unique opportunity to study with highly respected voice teachers from the Twin Cities area. These independently contracted instructors use the facilities at Rosemount High School during the day and after school to provide tuition-based vocal instruction to individual students.

Private Voice Lesson Guidelines (.pdf)

Private Voice Lesson Contract (.pdf)

Why take private lessons?

Students in curricular choirs are required to participate in individual vocal instruction in some capacity as part of their class grade. Each student receives two or three 15-minute lessons each trimester with his or her choir instructor free of charge. The choir instructor is able to get to know the student's voice, but the total amount and extent of instruction is very limited by the brevity and infrequency of lessons.

By contrast, students who study with the independently contracted voice teachers have one 25-minute lesson every week – approximately 30 lessons per year, at an average of three to four lessons per month – which is up to eight times the amount of instruction they receive in three trimesters of curricular lessons. This allows for very careful investigation of each student's voice and time to explore vocal growth. The regular schedule of lessons develops a beneficial regimen of practice, skills acquisition, and study of vocal literature.

Private voice study doesn’t just lend itself to improved singing. It also helps students learn better study and memorization skills, improve the quality of their speaking voice, hone their performance skills, learn more effective facial and body expression, increase their creative and artistic awareness, and gain more overall confidence and poise in front of others.

Taking lessons through the private voice program at RHS has at least two other significant advantages: cost and convenience. The tuition rates for the private voice program at RHS are very competitive with private lesson rates elsewhere around the Twin Cities. And taking private lessons once a week during choir class is much easier than making extra time and arranging transportation to take lessons elsewhere after school.