Fundraising/Choir Account FAQs

Fundraising/Student Account FAQs

Do you do fundraisers, and if so do the profits go to the program or to individual students?

We do a number of fundraisers every year (more when preparing for a big event like an international trip), and in almost every case the profits go directly to individual students who participate in the fundraisers. Only our annual coupon book sale benefits the program as a whole, and students who sell more than the two-book minimum can actually earn profit for themselves.

Where is the money kept? Do students have individual accounts?

Per school district policy, all fundraising profits go into our program’s Student Activity Account. We use an online system called Charms to keep track of how much money in our SA Account was raised by each student. So every student has a running balance within the RHS Choir SA Account, and for the sake of simplicity we refer to that balance as their individual “choir account” or “Charms account.”

How do I find out how much money I’ve earned, and how can I use it?

Charms – the online management system that allows us to keep records of students’ fundraising profits –has an interface for students and parents. When you log into Charms, you can see how much you’ve earned from each fundraiser. Charms also allows you to manage the money you’ve earned by transferring funds to pay for things like choir field trips, solo-ensemble contest fees, choir apparel, and more. (You can print records and receipts from Charms.)


LOG INTO CHARMS (You can access Charms via the Quick Link on the left side of our home page)